About Us

Welcome to Heaven ministries has a clear intension to reach out every corner of the world. Our strong motive has as aim to bring millions of soul through crusades, bible study seminars, youth conventions, prayer meetings etc. Welcome to Heaven ministries which is popularly known as WHM, is reaching out with the teachings of our Lord Jesus to the every single individual through CD’s/DVD’s of preaching sermons, books and magazines.

Dr.Vikas comes from a very disciplined Christian family. Since 29 September 2011, at age of 30 he dedicated his life for full time ministry. The reason was very simple; Lord wanted him to pray with burden for them who are lying in their sickness and numerous problems. More of all he was called by Lord Jesus at an early age of 15 to minister the world.

Dr.Vikas, the founder president of WHM is working very hard so as to transform millions of people to be a part of that holy heaven who’s door is Lord Jesus himself. Through prayers of Dr.Vikas, Lord miraculously healed many people. Many signs and wonders are seen during his ministry which has the sweetness of Lord Jesus.

With all his hard work Dr.Vikas is preaching Lord’s gospel as an evangelist. As he dedicated his entire life to serve Lord Jesus, he started his ministry from Mumbai and now as per Lords desire it has now spread to many parts of world, where he serves the holy bible who’s single word is true. This sacred book holds plenty of love and happiness inside it.


We believe that evangelism is the obligation of every follower of Jesus Christ. The Lord commands us to go out and make disciples of all the earth. We believe that each person is first responsible to evangelism in their own family as the Holy Spirit leads them and gives them the ability.


“Welcome to heaven ministries” came into existence the gospel. Our intention is to be like a mason between you and Jesus, who will build a big mansion in everyone’s life where Lord Jesus will reside. We want to make know those who are still lying in the kingdom of darkness. We want to show them that Jesus is the ray of hope which will remove the gloom and spread its holy light when we believe in him. Most importantly we want to show how Jesus works in our life.


Save souls and bring them to Jesus. Baptise them in the name of father, son and holy spirit.


We belive in Father, Son & Holy sprit. We believe in water batism.